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DPK Platform

DPK (Distributed Public Keystore) platform provides a decentralized keystore that holds the public keys for all DPK’s users. The platform enables the user with a DPK client module to interact with the Ethereum Blockchain to store and retrieve the cryptographic keys. T This client module is installed on a variety of software and hardware entities (Mobile App, web browser, server, IoT devices etc…).


Secure e2e Voip

E2E Secure Voice Over IP (VoIP) based on the DPK platform. The mobile app connects to the Ethereum Blockchain to store its public key and retrieve the public key of the destination address.


Secumobi Phone

Advanced VoIP peer to peer secure communication military grade encryption based on special HW in SD card form. Secumobi Application runs on a standard mobile phone with a special cryptography processor in the form of a μSD micro card inserted in the phone. The solution is a patented technology and proprietary software (Android mobile app) that delivers cost-effective and powerful E2E encrypted communication.


About Us

SECUMOBI is a Swedish based company with a registration number 556809-2042, specialized in security, cryptography, blockchain technology, IoT and mobile systems.

SECUMOBI is Sweden’s state of the art product in secure communications with Hardware based encryption.

SECUMOBI acquires the Blockchain technology expertise in developing a wide range of blockchain applications

Our Team

David Jean Khoury           CEO

David Jean Khoury


David has More than 30+ years’ experience in the Telecommunications and Technology field. He held different positions at Matra and Ericsson mainly in France and Sweden in the Research and Developments area, Product and System management. He holds a degree in Masters of Engineering in Telecommunications from E.S.I.B, Beirut Lebanon in 1983. He was leading a group for the development of the ISDN, where a generic platform for multiple accesses in the Ericsson main exchange AXE was developed. He was involved in the early evolution of the GSM towards an IP based network and as well the early studies of 3G/WCDMA, HSPA and LTE. The last 4 years he started teaching at AUST Beirut at the computer science department mainly the VoIP, security, cryptography, mobile systems, and Blockchain courses. He holds 4 US patents and a number of publications and he was the winner of Ericsson business Innovation 2003.

Elie Fares Kfoury           CTO

Elie Fares Kfoury



Elie holds a B.S degree in Computer Science and has graduated with high distinction from AUST in 2015. He is currently pursuing an M.S degree and working as an academic and teaching assistant in the Computer Science and ICT departments at AUST. He has published several research papers in international and local conferences. His research interests include IoT, Blockchain, VoIP, distributed systems, and Information Security. He developed an IoT security platform based on Ethereum Blockchain which was selected by Ericsson Garage Startup.


Our Office

Blekholmsterrassen 11
11164 Stockholm


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