SecuMobi client uses the SIP protocol service offered by SECUMOBI as a globally available service or as a customized solution with a customer-specific server. For distribution outside of the EU, permission must be granted for export to the purchaser and end user certificate must be issued by the client.


  • Gisecke & Devrient Secure mobile card Voice Edition 2.0 Smart card in μSD form factor Advanced protection technology security cards including side channel attack.
  • New Card from SWWISBIT with 8 GB flash memory
  • Cryptographic Processor on board
    • Key generation on card
    • FIPS certified
    • The security module hardware is Common Criteria certified IAL 5
    • Encryption:
    • Authenticated Diffie- Hellman 384 bit elliptic curve cryptography
    • AES 256 -bit keys for encryption of calls and text
    • Unique key for each call – Perfect Forward Security
    •  PIN -protected services in the security card 

It is possible to customize the key length and ECC parameters to create fully closed user groups or customize safety profile.

Voice Call Quality

  • Last AMR technology not using VBR
  • High call quality worldwide in networks supporting EDGE or better
  • Low Delay
  • Fast call setup

Mobile Handset compliance

  • Most phones using Android 3.2 and 4.0 and soon 4.3 and 5
  • Requires telephone with room for μSD card
  • SecuMobi compatibility with Windows 7 PC is in progress.
  • Blackberry and Windows Mobile 7 has been evaluated

Power and network

  • Low Power Standby
  • Low power consumption from security card
  • Limited use of bandwidth during a call approx 0,086 MB per minute. Consumption at rest is 0,043 MB to 0,260 MB per day.



SIP Server

  • Operatingsystem: Debian
  • Application: openSIPS

Media Server

  • Operatingsystem: Debian
  • Application: MediaProxy