SecuMobi – Secure Communications using standard mobile phones

The illegal interception of voice and text communication between key individuals has been increased dramatically and had serious impacts for most businesses and government organizations.

Why secure calling and messaging?

Many Immediate Messaging, Chat solution, and calling communications use encryption when exchanging data. Usually used by individuals and groups to avoid "intercepted" communications means such mobile phones.

But  these solutions do not offer a real secure communications means:

  • Encryption keys
  • Encryption servers
  • Authentication means
  • Large scale utilization
  • Non real peer to peer solutions

secumobi provides a real peer to peer encrypted communication


Secure communications requires strong encryption that works on standard cell phones and can be built on ordinary mobile technology to protect against eavesdropping. SecuMobi Secure Communication is designed to meet these needs and provides users with a simple and effective solution. Compared with conventional encryption solutions based on specific terminals that are both bulky as expensive. SecuMobi Secure Communication works on standard mobile phones and is easy to use without sacrificing safety.
A μSD micro card with patented technology and proprietary software (Android mobile app) delivers cost-effective and powerful end-to -end encrypted communication.

SecuMobi Secure Communication 

  • provides security to ordinary mobile phones
  • works at home and abroad , just as mobile telephony
  • enables simple and flexible handling of the user

SecuMobi Secure & Private communication in brief:

SecuMobi Mobile is a user-friendly solution based on secure μSD card that works on standard cell phones and use data channels to enable excellent sound quality and global coverage for calls and text communication. SecuMobi advanced solutions using encrypted mobile telephony and messaging over IP protocol for transmission of encrypted content between Cellular phones. This is done over wireless networks with low bandwidth in real time. Using SecuMobi is as easy as making a normal call while ensuring that the phone calls and messages are always protected end-to -end, regardless of whether they are made in a mobile environment or in an office environment , at home or abroad , within or between departments , suppliers and business partners.


  • The user manages a separate phonebook containing all contacts that can be called over a secure connection. New members in the phonebook can be added at any time by sending an invite to the new contacts mobile phone number. Once the new contact has accepted and replied, secure communication can be established by calling from the phonebook in the same way as normal calls are made.
  • SecuMobi supports secure communication services over IP networks. Messages are encrypted end-to -end and can be sent and received regardless of when users are online. Information is also stored encrypted in μSD card. The user can also control the storage and forwarding messages using SecuMobi server.
  • SecuMobi keeps track of users and their related security Data and saves your missed calls and tasks in a separate call log.
  • The use of the application is protected by a password that is different from SIM cards password. Sensitive data is protected by cryptographic functions that all generated in a separate encryption module in μSD card.
  • All user data used by SecuMobi are stored on a security card in μSD format. A security card can be used in mobile phones with Android operating system and MicroSD reader, and hence allows users to replace phones and subscriptions without disturbing the secure communication provided by SecuMobi

SecuMobi can use any IP network any time to send messages and set up calls between two users. The product is designed to operate in mobile broadband networks and is compatible with both the 4G networks, 3G networks, GPRS / EDGE network and the corresponding CDMA and WiFi.


A custom solution can be offered for the keys and algorithms can be developed by a special Card Management Server (CMS). CMS administers secure μSD card after production in a controlled and safe manner and enables the organization to charge or activate the keys and customize security profiles such as choice of elliptic curve parameters. CMS also allows the administrator to enable or disable security authority; eg policy for PIN verification.

SECUMOBI is challenging the existing market to deliver a highly encrypted enterprise communication solutions for your business or individual secure phone calls and messages.