DPK platform

DPK (Distributed Public Keystore) platform provides a decentralized Keystore that holds the public keys.


IoT Security

The DPK Light module contains an Ethereum light client (LES) which enables the device to interact with the Ethereum Blockchain to store and retrieve the cryptographic keys


Mobile Security

The DPK Light module can be installed on mobile devices (Android & iOS) to enable applications to interact with the Blockchain for storing and retrieving public keys


Server Security

The DPK module can be deployed on any server to ensure data protection and integrity

Secumobi Phone

Secure Communications using standard mobile phones

Secumobi is challenging the existing market to deliver a highly encrypted enterprise communication solutions for your business or individual secure phone calls and messages.


A μSD micro card with patented technology and proprietary software (Android mobile app) delivers cost-effective and powerful end-to -end encrypted communication.

SecuMobi Secure Communication 

  • Provides security to ordinary mobile phones

  • Works at home and abroad , just as mobile telephony

  • Enables simple and flexible handling of the user


SecuMobi Mobile is a user-friendly solution based on secure μSD card that works on standard cell phones and use data channels to enable excellent sound quality and global coverage for calls and text communication.

SecuMobi advanced solutions using encrypted mobile telephony and messaging over IP protocol for transmission of encrypted content between Cellular phones

A custom solution can be offered for the keys and algorithms can be developed by a special Card Management Server (CMS). CMS administers secure μSD card after production in a controlled and safe manner and enables the organization to charge or activate the keys and customize security profiles such as choice of elliptic curve parameters. CMS also allows the administrator to enable or disable security authority; eg policy for PIN verification.