Confidentiality and Privacy

SecuMobi provides end-to-end encryption of calls and messages between SecuMobi users with “perfect forward secrecy” by generating a unique encryption key for each call. Security card performs all cryptographic functions, including encrypting the speech stream.


  • Local storage of public keys used authentication by a user.
  • Support for offline verification of credentials to ensure user identity


  • User friendly – works like a regular mobile phone
  • Individual phone books give freedom to call anyone who has SecuMobi.
  • Configurable settings to customize the application according to personal preferences
  • Separation of advanced setting
  • Ability to configure auto-start when the phone is switched on
  • Always works when mobile data is working. The subscription must allow Internet telephony , such as Skype
  • Discreet – used on ordinary mobile phones without external accessories
  • Is always ready to use
  • Support selected Nokia Symbian S60 phones ( SecuMobi 3)
  • Supports Android 2.3 Gingerbread and 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich ( SecuMobi 4)
  • Support Android 4.3 (KitKat) and Android 5 (L) soon
  • Fast call setup and minimal latency due to unique encryption technology


  • Verified for use in the EDGE/3G/LTE and WiFi network 
  • Supports STUN / ICE to get through firewalls
  • Configurable support for keepalive in mobile networks and WiFi networks


  • All safety features are available on the safety card
  • Bluetooth disabled during secure conversations
  • Encryption is based on hardware tokens , a secure μSD card with integrated crypto – processor
  • Private and public keys are generated on μSD card. The private key is protected and never leaves the card.
  • Protection against attacks from the side channels
  • Security Profile compliant with the recommendations of the NSA Suite B
  • Authentication through ECC 384
  • Speech encryption based on AES 256 with unique key for each call.
  • AES 256 and digital signatures to protect the storage of messages and phone book.
  • Fixed bit-rate codec
  • Access to the card is protected by PIN and PUK codes


SecuMobi product package consists of:

  • A safe μSD card
  • A mobile app , downloadable from the server
  • PIN and PUK card security


SecuMobi client uses the SIP protocol service offered by Exformation as a globally available service or as a customized solution with a customer-specific server. For distribution outside of the EU, permission must be granted for export to the purchaser and end user certificate must be issued by the client.


  • Gisecke & Devrient Secure mobile card Voice Edition 2.0 Smart card in μSD form factor Advanced protection technology security cards including side channel attack.
  • SD flash memory , 2 GB
  • Cryptographic Processor on board
    • Key generation on card
    • FIPS certified
    • The security module hardware is Common Criteria certified IAL 5
    • Encryption:
    •  Authenticated Diffie- Hellman 384 bit elliptic curve cryptography
    •  AES 256 -bit keys for encryption of calls and text
    •  Unique key for each call – Perfect Forward Security
    •   PIN -protected services in the security card 

It is possible to customize the key length and ECC parameters to create fully closed user groups or customize safety profile.

Voice Call Quality

  • Last AMR technology not using VBR
  • High call quality worldwide in networks supporting EDGE or better
  • Low Delay
  • Fast call setup
  • Can also be used in GPRS network

Mobile Handset compliance

  • Most phones using Android 3.2 and 4.0
  • Nokia S60 3rd edition feature pack 2 handsets with Symbian 9.3 , E52 and E72
  • Requires telephone with room for μSD card
  • SecuMobi compatibility with Windows 7 PC is in progress. Blackberry and Windows Mobile 7 has been evaluated

Power and network

  • Low Power Standby
  • Low power consumption from security card
  • Limited use of bandwidth during a call approx 0,086 MB per minute. Consumption at rest is 0,043 MB to 0,260 MB per day.