The company

SECUMOBI is a Swedish based company with a registration number 556809-2042. SECUMOBI is Sweden’s state of the art product in secure communications with Hardware based encryption.

The product has been developed by Swedish experts in communications and encryption. The initial development started at Ericsson and the same team continued the development of the product. SECUMOBI a Swedish spin-off, took over the product and the intellectual Property.

SECUMOBI platform has been developed and powered by the state of the art secure communication engine based on Voice over IP.

The solution is unique from architecture, encryption quality of the voice. SECUMOBI offers a safe and affordable solution to meet any organisation’s need to simply and effectively protect information.

The system is under trials in two countries.

In our roadmap, we are planning to expand the system to provide a multiservices communications system. 

SECUMOBI Peer To Peer secure communications

We live in a very connected world where the needs for a secure and cost efficient communication is increasing drastically all over the world.

  •  All security operations on security card, Encryption based on hardware token, Secure μsd security card with built in crypto processor.
  • The security card performs all crypted functionality including encryption of media.
  •  On card generation of private and public keys
  •  Private keys never sent in the network
  • The public keys are exchanged between the 2 users.
  • Diff Hellman algorithm is used to create the session keys
  • The session keys are changed for every call
  • Line crypto based on AES 256 with perfect forward secrecy
  •  pin and puk protection of security card access
  • end-to-end encryption of calls between SECUMOBI users with perfect forward secrecy by generatin
  • Use your own phone ( Android supported)
  • Works over Wi-Fi, EDGE, 3G and LTE
  • Quality VoIP World Wide
  • Secure VoIP World Wide

The SecuMobi Server could be located in the customer premises and under their control. The main role of the Server is the Authentication of the users and the call control. Lawfull intercept could be provided as well.

Secure Mobile networks for enterprises, Service Provider Networks, Agencies, Banks, Governments, and Wireless Private Mobile Networks

Benefits of SECUMOBI solution 

  • Securing Telecom network and protect people:
    You can provide a secure communications system for a certain number of people in a country, company, organization etc… and establish their own closed secure network over the public network.
  •  A new service for the mobile operators:
    This service could be purchased and used in the country without the permission or involvement of the ministry of telecom. More and more services are provided through the cloud network and the operators are becoming bit pipe.Then it will be an opportunity to provide the secure communication as a new service for premum subscribers
  • Governments and Agencies;
     Enable employees and Agents to exchange secure calls and texts. The SecuMobi server can be integrated with with your existing office SIP extensions and dial-plan. It allows your mobile workers to make and receive secure calls over existing unsecured public networks.
  • Offer secure Voice and text over LTE private and Public networks;
    4G voice services will be provided as VoIP based on IMS. Then you can offer two services normal and secure.

For a private LTE network, customers can make full use of the SecuMobi server and Application to ensure that all voice communication on this private LTE network is encrypted.