SECUMOBI service is provided for a monthly fee allowing unlimited calls and sending of files or data.

Download and Subscribe to SECUMOBI: Subscribe to SECUMOBI to order your secure encrypted MicroSD and start enjoying your cost efficient secure communications. SECUMOBI is offering a secure communication network for personal use, companies and governmental agencies. 

Individual Plan Subscription or  Enterprise Plan Subscription: Special pricing made for a Secure SRTP server with an Enterprise Business VOIP solutions (over 10 micorsd card) and services with Peer to Peer communications.

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You need WIFI, 3G, 4G or LTE network coverage enabled on your Android Google mobile device.

Hardware based encryption android communication solution

SECUMOBI aims to provide highly secure AES 256-bit encryption solutions to enterprise in order to secure voice and messages communication within their existing network or by installing our encrypted secure VOIP server. SECUMOBI is an easy to deploy solution that needs only a micro SD Card to be installed on your Android mobile phone and enables the other parties that you wish to call to have purchased and subscribed to our service also by adding the micro sd card to this Android phone. SECUMOBI offers tactical encrypted communication solutions that can be deployed Worldwide on LTE or 3G networks. SECUMOBI is the only encrypted hardware communication solution with best voice over IP quality.